Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Westminster Kennel Club 137th Annual All Breed Dog Show is here!  This is a two day event, and the longest running sporting event in U.S. history besides the Kentucky Derby.  This year, there are two new breeds added to the mix of the competing 187 breeds.  The winning breed with be announced tonight at 8 p.m., on USA network, so tune in! From a Yahoo news article, check it out below. 

The Russell terrier, also referred to as the Jack Russell terrier, is different from the AKC and UKC Parson Russell terrier. What sets this breed apart is its physical features (such as its small size and compressible chest), which allow for underground hunting and for maneuvering around tight turns and through precarious tunnels.

The treeing Walker coonhound was also bred to track woodland animals -- treeing raccoons and opossums, in this case. With their tirelessness, top-notch sniffer, dedication to task, and treeing ability, these hounds are amazing at what they do. Not to mention that they're swift, courageous, and friendly. They also have a buglelike howl, which changes when they arrive at the tree they're seeking. Treeing Walkers are descendants of the Walker, Virginia, and English foxhounds, but they look most similar to the Walker in color and build.

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